How to apply for a Singapore PR Visa?


Singapore has been noted to be a popular destination among many. Which is why, the country has been noted to offer permanent residential visas in large numbers. But as of 2009, this number has declined from 80,000 to 30,000. This means that out of the 100,000+ applicants, only a third of them are chosen. Here are some of the different steps involved –

Making sure that the eligibility requirements are satisfied

The eligibility requirements for the PR visa are needed to be satisfied. Some of these ares–

Medically fit

Individual cannot be below the age of 21

Individual must be a worker in Singapore and have work permit


Download or obtain the PR visa application form

The application form can either be obtained either offline or be downloaded online through the Singapore immigration government portal.

Fill all  the necessary details in the form

All the necessary details in the application form must be filled up properly by the applicant.

Prepare a checklist of any additional documents and be sure to submit them along with the filled form

Documents such as the applicant’s passport, work permit, etc. are needed to the preliminary application processing.


PR application through a PR consultancy firm

For this reason alone, an agency or a consultancy firm specializing in immigration services is fitting for this purpose. Here are some of the advantages provided by the different services offered –

Booking acceleration of e-appoint with ICA

Neat, complete, and typewritten application form

Guidance from specialists and compilation of all mandatory documents

Comprehensive checklist preparation and collation of additional documents

Personalized cover letter

Specialist’s advice 24x7 for any additional queries

Priority re-application


These are only a few the many advantages of applying for a PR visa through a PR visa consultancy firm.

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