Which Pregnancy Check-ups, Screenings, and Scans are Included in a Maternity Package?


Knowing what check-ups, screenings, and scans to have and when to have them during pregnancy is vital information every expectant mother should have. If you are a first time mother-to-be and not aware of the list of tests you have to go through, fret not as the maternity hospitals in Singapore offer a package consisting of all the essential screenings and tests.

However, before choosing the right health screening package in Singapore, you need get familiar with these tests and screenings and why are they important for you and your baby. Here’s a look at the essential tests:

1. Antenatal care

When you first discover that you are pregnant, you should visit the hospital for antenatal care. The gynaecologist will check that you and your baby are well taken care of. You would be advised to take folic acid and vitamin D supplements along with a nutritious diet. There will be antenatal screening tests where you are checked for any medical history or complications.

2. Routine antenatal tests

A maternity package in Singapore consists of routine antenatal tests such as weight and height, urine, blood pressure, blood test, smear/ Pap test, and changes to cervical screening.

3. Blood tests

There would be several blood tests during pregnancy especially to determine your blood group, Rhesus (RhD) factor, anaemia, infections, and gestational diabetes.

4. Ultrasound scan

The ultrasound scan is performed at regular intervals as it creates a picture of your baby in womb. It helps in knowing about the position of the baby, whether you are expecting twins, if you have a complicated pregnancy, or the healthcare professional has concerns about the health of your baby.

5. Dating scan

The dating scan is an ultrasound that is used to determine the age of your pregnancy in weeks and what is your expected delivery date.

6. Morphology scan

A morphology scan is a detailed ultrasound which looks at your baby’s body and observes the position of placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid around the baby along with your uterus and cervix.

7. Genetic counselling

Genetic counselling helps in understanding about the genetic condition which you might have inherited from your family. Counselling helps in dealing with the condition in a better way and knowing about the solutions you have available to avoid any challenges.

You can discuss with few short-listed hospitals about their maternity package in Singapore and decide accordingly. Search online for more information and suggestions on choosing best health screening package in Singapore to ensure a hassle-free arrival of your baby.

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