An Insight on Different Types of Rugged Notebooks


When we talk about rugged laptops, tablets, and computers; being rugged means strong enough to withstand hazardous environments and unfavourable climatic conditions. However, not all rugged devices are same and might vary in their features and strength.

You need to have a thorough understanding of the different rugged devices so that you can choose the best model that suits your needs. They are all tough and sturdy but they can’t withstand the same extremities or intensities. Here’s a look at the different types of rugged devices you can choose from:

1. Fully- rugged devices

If your work environment consists of extremely difficult situations such as dangerous activities, severe natural conditions, or harsh weather, it is imperative to have a laptop that can function anywhere and anytime. The fully rugged laptops are designed from scratch where every component is weather proof and sealed. It protects the rugged notebook from moisture, salt, acid, sand, and other probable environmental hazards.

It can also withstand heat as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit and freezing temperatures. Not just that, they are tested to stringent military standards and can be dropped from a great height. Their screens are designed for use at night as well as in bright light.

2. Semi-rugged devices

The semi-rugged devices are simple adaptations of standard notebook computers but designed for rugged use. The manufacturing process is known as ruggedisation which involves swapping the standard notebook case, hard disk drive, and keyboard with a tough magnesium case, spill-proof keyboard, and a shockproof hard disc drive. While not as rugged as the fully-rugged devices, the semi-rugged devices can withstand extremely high and low temperatures. They also make for a less expensive option than fully rugged devices. You can visit your nearest retail stores to check the best rugged tablet or laptop that fits in your budget and comes with features that can help in meeting desired requirements.

3. Business-rugged devices

There is a third range of rugged devices which are not sealed and waterproof. However, they do have magnesium casings and they do withstand a drop of about 18 inches but they are not meant for military use. The rugged tablet or laptop made available under this category is ideal for executives or individuals who travel a lot but not a suitable option for people who regularly use their laptops outdoors.

Search the web for more information and suggestions on companies that manufactures the best rugged notebook for you.

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