Why Parents-To-Be Should Take an Antenatal Class


In Singapore, people have recently seen a rise in the popularity of antenatal classes. With more and more parents becoming aware of the significance of these classes, the demand for antenatal classes is sure to see a surge. Antenatal, or prenatal classes, sessions are educational classes which helps in preparing an expectant mother and their partner for labour, birth, and parenthood.

The main objective of prenatal classes in Singapore is to make the expecting parents aware about:

- Signs of labour

- Warning signs

- What to expect during labour

- Process of labour

- Coping with pain

- Birthing

- Breastfeeding

- Taking care of the newborn

The moment a couple conceives, they may have doubts and apprehensions about future. The OB-GYN can’t counsel them and answer every query regarding various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Thus, these special prenatal classes in Singapore are designed to alleviate the anxiety and help parents in making informed choices about pregnancy and delivery.

When to start taking the classes

The prenatal classes generally begin at 28 to 30 weeks or once you complete the 7th month of pregnancy. This is the time when a couple is most open to the information offered. This is important for both the parents so that they can prepare for the birth of their child together.

Some of the common topics discussed during antenatal classes are:

- What is labour and how to cope up with labour pain?

- The essentials of a health screening package in Singapore

- Pain relief, relaxation techniques, and epidural analgesia

- Benefits of yoga and other exercises for delivery

- Techniques for bonding with baby in womb

- Induction of labour and labour monitoring

- Changes after you have a baby, breastfeeding, and taking care of a newborn.

Benefits of antenatal classes:

- The husbands feel more involved in pregnancy.

- You meet people in same state of mind which helps in bonding well and sharing concerns and feelings.

- You feel encouraged to eat healthy, exercise, and maintain your health.

- It also builds your confidence and reduces anxiety about childbirth.

Search online for more information and suggestions on how to choose the best health screening package in Singapore. You should read online websites to know more about the benefits of antenatal classes and how they can help you to prepare yourself and the father for the child birth.

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