Essential Requirements for Business Visa in Malaysia


Under the category of Malaysia business visa, an individual interested in investing in the country can visit anytime Malaysia either for short period to take part in trade conferences and strike business deals. Apparently, Malaysia is mentioned among the best of places to invest with major business opportunities hence an ideal destination for all interested in business. Citizens from India can apply for that visa through 3 different paths which are: eVisa, eNTRI and by submission of all documents at your Embassy for the stamping visa on passport.

For persons who have business establishments and income sources out of Malaysia, those individuals can travel eligibly to the country under the category of business visa so as to engage with clients and stake holders. The agendas pertaining business which can bring the visitors into the country range all the way from achieving a goal already predefined so as to grow a given project to benefit the vendor and client or even attending conferences which are hosted and organized by Malaysian reputed companies. Anyone interested in either investing in Malaysia or attending business conferences is eligible for application if only they meet the requirements mentioned below.

Requirements for a Malaysia Business Visa

For you to qualify for a business visa in Malaysia there are certain things you need to possess. Such general requirements and conditions include:

Valid passport that has not less than six months before expiring

A completed visa application form which is signed

Colored passport with the front part of the passport on white background

Flight itinerary or flight ticket copy from the travel agency concerning the trip you are making to Malaysia as well as the hotel reservation copy where you are to stay

Current passport copy showing details of the passport

Resident Alien Card copy or USA visa status

Invitation letter from the Malaysian company hosting you


Apart from the general requirements, each party involved in the business investment has certain requirements to meet. Such include:

Applicant Checklist

Original passport both previous and current passports if available

3 copies of recent colored photographs which are appearing not in any other visa and all should be on a white background

Bank statements from the local bank for the last six months all with signature and stamp for every applicant that has Hyderabad’s address, INR minimum

The hotel booking and flight tickets

Sponsor checklist

Cover letter of the business to employee form the employer

Training or conference letter sent from Malaysia organization or association if it is not a counterpart from the country inviting you.

The inviter is also required to submit an inviter letter. If meeting all the above mentioned requirements, the individual then fills an application from and pays the fee for Business Visa in Malaysia. The charges posed are:

Stamping Visa charges: INR 7800 valid for a period between 3 months and 12 months

ENTRI Visa : INR 2800 valid for a period of 30 days

E-Visa : INR 4500 valid for 15 days

The charges mentioned above include: Courier fee, facilitation feee, service charges, Visa charges and any other incurred handling fees

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