Home-based Business Ideas in Malaysia



The interests of domestic start-up companies in Malaysia are real. What are some business ideas in Malaysia that are developing?

Home Child Care

There are several day centers in Malaysia and almost all regular offices are on time. An independent child care center is another option because it is not easy to work for day-to-day working or governmental government regulations that apply to large day centers, but usually at home There is no special permit. Minimum concern with children

Elderly Care

Currently, the number of elderly people who are living and taking care of their children is increasing; But Malaysia's social culture usually interferes with elderly people in elderly homes. Residential homes for residential houses and residential buildings seem curious to see. Qualified private individuals may want to see this kind of business in the house.

Website Design

Other organizations and businesses now recognize the importance of the company's website. As a reality, every technology smart person has a website, thanks to a free blogging platform. Very simple websites are not enough for hiring designers of business websites and application designers for their presence on the web and mobile devices of their company.


The goal for success Every business needs a business advisor to identify problems, solve problems, solve, design and solve problems. The Business Advisor is a business analyst with a master's degree in his profession. This business should be considered as a part-time job if there are not many subscribers.

Gadget Repair Business

More than half of the population of Malaysia has a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone. The ability to repair such gadgets is open. Buying a new gadget is more useful when damage is important; But for small irks and quirks for small gadgets, the likelihood that their electronic devices will be repaired, not being pushed out.

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