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How Mobile Advertising can unleash the opportunities in Digital Marketing

It has not been long since mobile advertising was claimed to be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies of all time. In fact, within this short span of time, the mobile platform has established itself to be a versatile, interactive and all-around beneficial mode of digital media advertising that other methods can’t hope to outperform.

Recent studies have unearthed the fact that more than half of the US population has shifted to smartphone usage as opposed to the desktop. This is simply due to having ‘the whole world within their fingertips’, literally. The versatility of a mobile device, especially with rising support of various apps and complementary gadgets, makes them more preferable when compared to stationary or large devices such as a PC.

Statistics further indicate that people spend about 86% of their mobile usage time just on apps, with 79% of the users stating they use specific apps every day. At around 2014, the number of mobile users around the world has grown above 1,800 million, whereas the number of desktop users hasn’t crossed 1,800 even as of 2015. Furthermore, internet usage has been found to be prevalent on mobile devices more than desktops. In this case, the internet was primarily used for digital media.

It doesn’t take a genius to put all these facts together and realize just how powerful the effect of mobile advertising can be to the general audience of today’s time. A good percentage of mobile internet users prefer to get their shopping done through apps, so it is high time digital marketing strategists focus on developing apps for this specific purpose. Also, since apps get more focus than traditional browsing methods, it is a good idea to build apps to visit a company’s website rather than making the original website mobile-friendly. Apps have become the ‘in-thing’ for smartphone users everywhere; capitalize on the trend to achieve success.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t a matter to worry about as far as digital media advertising in mobile is considered. Further studies on mobile internet usage has shown than about 25% search queries are performed through mobiles. For a search engine like Bing, 67% of the visits are from mobile devices, while the rest is from desktops. This heavily skewed value supports mobile advertising as a far superior method of digital marketing when compared to older methods. Add this with social medi interaction and public ads in popular websites, and you will eventually realize why mobile advertising is such a viable opportunity for digital marketers everywhere.

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