Company Incorporation Singapore: How to Market Your SME?



Despite having an easy company incorporation Singapore process and a robust start-up ecosystem, some small and medium businesses in the Republic failed to thrive due to lack of or weak marketing agendas. Surprisingly, a sound and effective advertising and marketing strategy can transform your tough luck into good fortune.


One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is deciding which marketing mechanism they should adopt and implement to reap optimum benefits. This decision is as crucial as other vital determinant factors of your business future. However, you can take the professional advice and consultation to triumph over the difficulty.


Factors to be Considered When Planning Marketing Agenda for Your Singapore Company


This blog will outline some tactics to be considered by small businesses in Singapore when they look for efficient marketing strategies.


Identify Your Target Market:


The first and foremost thing is that you must know certain facts in advance- “Who you are trying to sell to?” and “Which section of the market will be your potential target audience?” Depending on these criteria only, you can plan for your effective marketing strategies. You cannot get sound ideas unless you define the target market. This step is the stepping stone to an efficient advertising and marketing plan.


Review Your Website:


You might have built a website right after Singapore company registration. The ever-rising numbers of internet users in the island nation suggest that every company must go online. Your website is the mirror of your business, and it reflects your image and brand presence among the target audiences. The website of small businesses can inform, engage and convert their customers.


An excellent, engaging and responsive website serves as a powerful sales tool for the businesses. So, review your contents, create compelling “Calls to Action” and provide precise information on your business offerings. Your website is your shop window where customers can visit to seek out information and engage with for further dealings. Make sure that your website has all these features and use it to build credibility your small business in Singapore. Lastly, ensure that your website is mobile-complaint and can be used by mobile users.


Harness Digital Marketing:


Digital marketing has changed the terrain of marketing agendas of the businesses. Online promotion using social media and other online hubs has become a vital part of it. As a matter of fact, the digital marketing has become the soul of promotion and advertising strategies.


Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and Email Marketing can easily extend your reach to the target audience and build the credibility of the business among them. Today, buyers no longer make the decisions based on seeing promotions and advertising on the single platform. In this line, the certain aspects such as awareness, thought process, research, and validation plays crucial roles.


Consider Offline Marketing:


The rising interest of users over online promotion does not mean that we have to abandon the conventional method of offline marketing and advertising. This method still plays a significant role in driving interest of audiences for your product and services. Ideally, you must bring both online and offline marketing tactics together to grow stronger and powerful marketing plan. Because, the adverts in print and electronic media, the articles and the pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and business cards are still considered to be powerful marketing tools.


Sometimes, these offline tools can do wonder what online efforts failed to do. For instance, A start-up or small business, once it is done with company incorporation in Singapore, can post leaflets, postcard at the doorstep of the target audience to start and maintain its local presence. Believe it or not, this way you can foster a personal relationship with your potential customers indirectly.


In a nutshell, an aggressive marketing campaign is all about telling your target market how useful your products or services are. Make sure to implement your plan step by step. Do not be in a hurry to do everything at once. Otherwise, it could go the other way around, and all your hard works and efforts in go in vein.



You can follow the steps mentioned above and track your business ROI from your marketing campaign right from the day one. The sooner, the better when it comes to making a plan for marketing agenda. So, get your marketing plan ready soon after the company incorporation Singapore and let your business thrive exponentially.

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