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CATivating Cake and Cupcake

CATivating Cake and Cupcake
Location Map West Coast Road, Singapore
127371 Singapore
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Nate
Phone: +65 8435 0846

CATivating Cake & Cupcake’s business started with a typical Singaporean mommy’s search for a cute/interesting/trendy birthday cake for her two children. Her criteria for the choice of cake?

1. Trendy/ Cute (I am sure ALL mommies with daughters remembered the Frozen Elsa craze!)

2. Personalised (Must have my child’s name on the cake and NOT every kid like chocolate cake!)

3. Lots of design to choose from (We all know how fickle-minded our young one can be. Wait…. or are we talking about the mommy here??)

4. Less than $100 (We loves the $300+ multi-tiers fondant cake for our darling’s first birthday but for subsequent birthdays we would like a cake that is special yet won’t burn a hole in our pocket!)

She surfed through the internet and exclaimed “Har, I need to pay $100+ for such a simple design cake? I think I can do it also!” So this mommy did just that.

She put on her apron, fired up the oven and started to bake. That was in 2014. For the past 3 years, she kept learning and sharpening her baking skill and had baked numerous cakes and cupcakes for close relatives and friends. Now that her children are older and armed with positive support and a strong dose of passion and optimism, it is time to take the plunge to start her own online cake shop!

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