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Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore

Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore
Location Map 35 Circuit Rd
370035 Singapore
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Philip
Phone: 65 9456 0875
Hotline: Expert-Led Air-Conditioning Service in Singapore
Billy Aircon is an aircon service company offering general aircon servicing in Singapore. Our professional servicing keeps the fan coil unit from having a leak, preventing it from breaking down, improving efficiency and giving off a cleaner air.
Our Specialties includes:
Aircon Servicing
We offer affordable aircon cleaning service in Singapore, ensuring that anyone can get the help they need. We know that aircon need general support because of their tendency to glitch and our technicians are available to address your needs. Our experts verify that your air conditioner offers great air flow, expanded lifespan and low vitality costs. Notwithstanding the establishment of aircon, our masters will likewise advise you on the most effective methods to anticipate and avoid breakdowns.
Chemical Washes
Aircon chemical wash includes the careful and thorough overhaul of your aircon unit. This administration is obliged when the general cleaning of your air conditioner does not create the wanted results. With chemical wash, you will have the capacity to take care of your water leakage issue. You will likewise have the capacity to expand cooling, in this manner saving money on PUB bills. Eventually, with these profits, you will have the capacity to save money on aggregate maintenance expenses and therefore, extending out the lifespan of your ventilating unit.
Aircon Installation
Billy Aircon gives installation of ventilation system units for both home and business premises. The organization offers its installation administrations for distinctive brands and models of aeration and cooling systems. Through this one stop operation, you can appreciate a bother free experience and leave all the work to be carried out by us. Spare your time and vitality for something else.
Aircon Repair
Our goal is always to ensure that your system is working at optimum efficacy and efficiency. We’ll suggest changes and alterations to your system that ensure that each part is meeting our stringent quality standards.
We know that breakdowns happen, but with our extensive experience we’re able to correct faults as they happen and provide advice on avoiding future mishaps. Whether you’re suffering from leaks or require a thorough wash, we’re the company for you.
Why Us
Our company has proven itself to numerous residential and commercial customers. With our team of highly skillful and expert air conditioner technicians and specialists, we often surpass the expectations of our customers and deliver a high standard of services. Each and every member of our team is also devoted in keeping our customers satisfied by providing quality service.
Contact Us Today at (65) 9456 0875

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