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Ingel Soong

Location Map Tampines Avenue 9
523496 Singapore
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Whenever Ingel teaches, he believes students should be learning in the most efficient manner possible. The way he does it is to impart learning techniques that are simple to remember, and easy to apply. He is the only supertutor to integrate lessons from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and show how they are being applied in real-life situations. For parents looking to equip their children with real-life skills and education, Ingel also offers financial literacy workshops, suitable for students aged 15-19. These immensely popular workshops, impart useful and practical knowledge often not taught in school, such as financial accounting, decision-making, money management, insurance, investment, CPF and many more. Equipping with such knowledge at a young age allows your children to make savvy decisions later on in their lives. Want to get taught?

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