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Doctor Dwight

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543293 Singapore
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Phone: 65 6442 9083

Do you have a back pain or feel that your bones need to pay them more attention than before. Not only elder people need to visit orthopaedists regularly. Bone pain is something unpleasant and can ruin normal agenda of people. Young people, who sport actively have experienced different bone pain and know how bad it feels. Elder people have the same type of pain because their body starts to lack some important minerals and vitamins. It is a common situation when elder people just accept the pain and don't try to decrease it. Fortunately, orthopaedists know how to help, and what type of medicine, to prescribe. Different type of arthritis can be healed with different medicines. In Doctor Dwight, we have gathered useful articles that can give you a basic knowledge what bone diseases are and how to handle incidents that affect bones, like falling in the bath, for example.

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