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Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd

Location Map 21 Tannery Road
347733 Singapore
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Kovia Tan
Phone: +65 6741 8880
Fax: +65 6741 8998

Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd (OGS) is a subsidiary of Quality Vision International Company (QVI). Our parent company Optical Gaging Products Inc., USA was incorporated in Rochester, New York in 1954. We specialise in designing and manufacturing of multisensor vision measuring systems.


Automatic dimensional measurement frees customers to focus on other productive activities. OGP SmartScope handles toughest measuring tasks; its “all-in-one” measurement solution includes video, contact probes, laser, micro-probes and rotary indexer used for total part characterisation and better accuracy. This is measured in a fraction of the time compare other measuring tools.


As an Asia headquarters located in Singapore, OGS provides sales, training and technical service supports to the products we handle. Our extensive network of Sales and Technical Centres as well as authorised representatives to provide unsurpassed training and application support for all our customers in the following region:


·      Singapore

·      Malaysia

·      Thailand

·      Indonesia

·      Philippines

·      Vietnam

·      Hong Kong

·      Taiwan

·      South China

·      Australia

·      New Zealand

·      Middle East

·      Myanmar


Products & Services:


Our products include:

·      OGP SmartScope – Optical/Multisensor Metrology Systems for 3D dimensional measurement

·      RAM Optical – Versatile inspection & measurement video systems

·      QVI SNAP – Field of View measuring machine

·      VIEW – Non-Contact Optical Metrology System for fast, accurate critical dimensional inspection

·      QVI – FlexPoint innovative Portable Shopfloor CMM (coordinate Measuring Machine)

·      ShapeGrabber – 3D Laser Scanner for measuring and inspection on complex shape


OGS provides multisensor metrology measurement solutions for the aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, semiconductor, plastics, ceramics, clinical and metalworking industries.


These include:


·      Precision measuring and inspection systems: video, laser, touch-probe, micro-probe, optical-profiling, 3D laser scanning and optical measuring.


·      Measuring Parameters: coordinates position, height, depth, length, width, distance, roundness, thickness, pitch, pitching, radius, diameters, angles, chamfers, run-out, coaxiality, circularity, cylindericity, parallelism, concentricity, flatness, coplanarity, perpendicularity, profile & true position.

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