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All SingaporeSpot.com site members are responsible for knowing the information contained in the following Code of Conduct.

The Admin, reserves the right, but does not assume the responsibility, to restrict communication which admin deems in its discretion to be harmful to individual guests, damaging to the communities which make up SingaporeSpot, or in violation of SingaporeSpot or any third-party rights.

Prohibited profile content, private messaging, share photos and videos, board posting, and e-mailing, behaviors include (but are not limited to):

  • profanity, vulgarity, or explicit content For example:

    • "masking" by using alternative characters/spellings and spaces to get around profanity filters, leet-speak, and combinations of words that produce an offensive result
    • "filter testing"
    • discussion of or in-character enactments of "cybering" or sexually explicit material
    • discussion of or in-character enactments of graphic violence
  • hate speech (e.g. racial, ethnic, sexist, homophobic and religious slurs)

  • promotion of or engaging in certain illegal activities, For example: drugs, drug paraphernalia, rape or solicitation of a minor, computer hacking, and copyright violation

  • harassment of another specific person (e.g. persistent flaming or continued personal attacks on the boards or "in-character harassment" without prior out-of-character permission.)

  • trolling or baiting by putting to the screen inflammatory statements designed to elicit a negative response from the community

  • spamming through repeated posts, or off-topic content by word or intent to boards or lists (e.g. scrolling, flooding, polling, or by "bumping" a boards post more than once in 48 hours)

  • No useless posts. This includes: Thread bumping, useless one liners, Flamewars, Trolling and Spamming. What is spamming? Read this.

  • advertising or promoting a business or commercial site without the permission of the Admin.

  • impersonation of another person, site admin or SingaporeSpot member by either screen name or self-representation (e.g. faking a screen name by using similar-looking characters, "spoofing" speech in a chat room, or claiming to hold an official title or position relating to the site or using a SingaporeSpot avatar frame)

  • reregistering a banned username, a variation of a banned name, or declarations under a new screen name that you are "really" the banned name or attempts to resubscribe under another address after being put on REVIEW by the moderator.

  • off-topic posts or thread hijacking.

    These disruptive behaviors are grounds for removal; SingaporeSpot site admin are the final judges of whether a member's behavior qualifies as inappropriate or a disruption.

  • only one account per user

  • Check that your question has not been answered anywhere else on the site. Use the search feature (both on site content and forum).
  • Post your comment/question to the most appropriate place. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved. Do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.
  • Thank those who help you. Acknowledgement of a helpful suggestion not only placates those who helped you, it may also help others with a similar problem. All those who have been helped on this forum are invited to help other users by responding to their questions when they know the answer and /or to consider donating to the site.

In other words, behave yourself. Treat other people you encounter in the rooms just as you would treat them in person--politely.

Disciplinary Procedures

If a member of SingaporeSpot has demonstrated he or she cannot behave, the member will initially have his/her profile banned and will eventually LOSE his or her username.

These procedures are only meant to be rough guidelines, as each profile, board, and content situation is different and may require other measures to ensure the community orientation of the site.

You Can Make SingaporeSpot a Better Place

Our moderators can't be everywhere at once. Therefore, if you witness actions in boards, or other areas that you believe harms a guest, damages SingaporeSpot, or violates, or some third-party's rights, please make a note of the time/place where the event occurred and contact a SingaporeSpot member or site admin immediately. If they aren't handy, please see our contact page.


Last Updated (Friday, October 28, 2011)

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